We Are a Law Enforcement Tool, As Well

Posted by David on 6/17/2014
Recently, we have gotten into the A&E mystery series, Longmire, which airs every Monday night during the summer. We have really enjoyed the program - the title character, Walt Longmire, is a rural county sheriff in Wyoming with strong character and morals and gets himself involved in some interesting cases and has tricky lines to toe between politics (with sheriff being an elected office) and various dealings with the Cheyenne and their reservation which is in his county.

How to Move a Refrigerator Using an Appliance Dolly

Posted by Ashwin on 6/6/2014
Moving heavy appliances across the house often requires the use of a dolly. It simplifies the shifting process and the user can now easily move heavy objects like refrigerators, gun safes, ATM machines, snack vending machines and soda makers without having to actually lift it all the way. Here are some tips to help you use appliance dollies effectively.

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 We Are a Law Enforcement Tool, As Well
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