Anderson Dolly Flips Archimedes’ World on Its Head

Posted by Andrew on 5/27/2014
“If given a lever long enough, a fulcrum, and a place to stand, I could move the earth,” said Archimedes. Being a Greek mathematician that school kids today still learn about, Archimedes was one smart cat and one that understood the power of leverage. He knew that thanks to the magic of leverage the greatest of weights could be lifted with the slightest of pressure when that pressure is given at the far end of a long enough lever.

Tips for Moving Heavy Objects

Posted by Tom on 5/14/2014
When you think of moving, you may become overwhelmed by the chaos of organizing and cleaning, and neglect safety considerations. Whether you're moving a few heavy objects or several objects that increase the moving weight load, you should following these tips for moving heavy objects safely:

 Other Essential Tools for Moving Heavy Objects Safely
 We Are a Law Enforcement Tool, As Well
 How to Move a Refrigerator Using an Appliance Dolly
 Anderson Dolly Flips Archimedes’ World on Its Head
 Tips for Moving Heavy Objects
 Moving Things, Simplified
 Have You Thought of This Spring Cleaning Tool?
 Boost Your Productivity with Anderson Dolly
 Safety First!
 Benefits of the Anderson Dolly

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