We Are a Law Enforcement Tool, As Well

Posted by David on 6/17/2014
Recently, we have gotten into the A&E mystery series, Longmire, which airs every Monday night during the summer. We have really enjoyed the program - the title character, Walt Longmire, is a rural county sheriff in Wyoming with strong character and morals and gets himself involved in some interesting cases and has tricky lines to toe between politics (with sheriff being an elected office) and various dealings with the Cheyenne and their reservation which is in his county. 

Anyway, we were struck by a recent episode of the series, in which the Denver Police Department searched the bar owned by Walt's longtime friend, Henry Standing Bear, in connection with a murder several months earlier in Colorado. Walt went to the safe to get out some money to pay for Henry's defense. The safe could easily have been a piece of evidence, except Walt said, "[Denver Police] are lazy," and did not desire to move the safe out of the bar and process it back in Denver.

We laughed, because maybe it isn't that the Denver PD was "lazy," as much as it might have been unprepared to move such a heavy piece of evidence. Do you think we would have an idea what tool the police could have used?

Let's just say we have a selection of those tools that could have helped Denver and could have frustrated the hero in the Longmire series. 

But frustrating the hero? That would have been tough on ratings. So instead, we'll just sit back and laugh at the problem and keep watching the series ... Maybe someday we can help in a television show when it doesn't frustrate the hero. 

But we do have the tools in real life that can help any law-enforcement agency that needs to move heavy pieces of evidence - especially  when investigating crimes that involve money (which, let's face it, many crimes do involve money) and require using safes as evidence of a crime. 

We know we can help make the acquisition of evidence so much easier for everyone involved. And we also know that Walt Longmire will get to the bottom of the case in the end!
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 We Are a Law Enforcement Tool, As Well
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