Tips for Moving Heavy Objects

Posted by Tom on 5/14/2014

When you think of moving, you may become overwhelmed by the chaos of organizing and cleaning, and neglect safety considerations. Whether you're moving a few heavy objects or several objects that increase the moving weight load, you should following these tips for moving heavy objects safely:

Call For Help

If you canít hire a professional moving company to assist in your move, enlist your friends. It is better to have more help, than not have enough to prevent the risk of injury from heavy lifting.

Plan Your Route

Plan your route to get your heavy objects out of the building and onto the truck as well as your route to your destination. You want to ensure as seamless a move as possible and planning and mapping your route will help you greatly.

Acquire the Proper Equipment

By far the most important tip for moving heavy objects is making sure you have the proper equipment. You should have blankets and padding to protect the items. Use sliders to move heavy objects into place before moving them. A dolly such as Andersonís Gun Safe Dolly is an important investment. Itís considerably light, weighing in at only 50 pounds while it boasts 1600 pounds of weight capacity. Youíll have no problem moving solid, heavy items safely to your destination while its strapped into your Anderson Gun Safe Dolly.

Moving is inevitable, but proper preparation and equipment can lessen the burden.

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