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Posted by Tom on 3/5/2014
What's your back like? If it's anything like ours it's like a piece of hardened glass; tough but randomly fragile. If you are a mover, or are just constantly rearranging the furniture, then you are probably used to the idea of using a dolly. They are extremely handy when you have to move something of immense size!

What if we said that not all dolly's are made equal?

The design of a dolly hasn't really changed much since it was invented. There are many kinds of dolly's and all of them are designed to work for a variety of different jobs. This makes being a mover very challenging, not because you won't have the right dolly for the job, but rather what do you do with the dolly's you are not using? Storage is a pain, so why have so many dolly's when you can have just one?

That's the idea behind Anderson Dolly, we've made the dolly that you want for any job and unlike their non-flexible cousins, our dolly's can work on any job or any object!
Here's a comparison:

Traditional Dolly

You slide the lip under the object, leverage the object on to the cart, and haul it away. You've used your back muscles as well as your knees in order to do this, and this kind of motion is exactly what will cause either one to go out. Your chances of having an injury with this device increase exponentially with every use.

Anderson Dolly

You go up to the same object, slide the straps underneath, hook the straps on to the dolly, and ratchet up the slack. As the slack disappears the object will being to rise, and this will cause the sides of the dolly to come in and hook themselves under the object. Once the slack is gone, you have a mobile object that took not physical strain to lift!

That's the beauty behind our dolly's, anyone can use them, and they are safe to the item being moved and the mover themselves!
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 Safety First!
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