Other Essential Tools for Moving Heavy Objects Safely

Posted by Anderson Dolly on 7/14/2014

The Anderson dolly makes moving heavy objects easier and safer. You donít have to lift or strain to move large objects, like refrigerators or washers. The dolly can lift the objects and move them effortlessly. You can even move the items yourself.

Though the Anderson dolly makes moving a lot easier, there are still a few essential tools you should have on hand to make moving heavy objects easy and safe.

Furniture Padding

While you may be able to move your large objects a little easier, you may not be able to avoid narrow openings or run-ins with other furniture. If you are moving wooden furniture, you can scratch it without meaning to. By wrapping your furniture or other large, heavy objects with padding, you can keep the object you are moving safe, as well as any objects you might bump into.


Pushing and pulling objects and trying to position them once they are off the dolly can put a lot of strain on your hands. By wearing gloves, you can make items easier to handle and you can reduce the risk of calluses, blisters and other minor injuries.


You wonít need straps to move your large items when you use the Anderson dolly. However, if you are moving an especially large or tall item, you may want to use straps to stabilize it on the dolly and help to move it. Even on wheels, some objects can be so large and so heavy that they are cumbersome to move. Straps can make the job a little easier.

For many jobs, the Anderson dolly may be the only tool you need for an easy move. However, if you are dealing with especially large objects, you may find these items useful. Padding can protect your furniture, while gloves can protect your hands. Straps can help you maneuver large and cumbersome objects a bit easier. All together, they will make your move a successful one.

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