Moving Things, Simplified

Posted by Tom on 4/28/2014

Ever since the dawn of time, man has wrestled with finding or creating the proper tool for whatever job is at hand.  In terms of transportation, the wheel was, by far the most significant invention ever created.  Without wheels, we would become severely limited in terms of what items we could move from one place to another.  It would boil down to fewer items being portable and more being stationary.  Without wheels, our ability to move objects would become severely compromised, being restricted to only those objects which were light enough so that our individual strength alone could either lift and carry or could push along some cooperative surface without it toppling over.


What About Lift?

Some time after man had become satisfied with the wheel and all the progress it had wrought, he began to ponder, we imagine, how to lift objects that were too heavy to lift, using human strength alone.  So man was able to roll certain objects along, and now he began to see the advantages of developing a system whereby he could also lift them.


Transportation, Defined

If you think about it, all that transportation is just happens to be an adequate pairing of lift and roll, and sometimes, only roll is needed, however lift always gives roll a break.  And that brings this article to cite one of the most significant inventions since the wheel: the Anderson Dolly, which makes lift and roll almost completely effortless, making hauling big things around from one place to another much easier on the back, knees, shoulders and neck.


THE Solution

The Anderson Dolly System has transformed the “small load” transportation system into a task that basically anyone can handle.  It’s fool-proof technology assures a tightly cinched fit that will hold securely until the time when you determine it should come off.


It sure beats trying to put big appliances and vending machines on skateboards.

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