Boost Your Productivity with Anderson Dolly

Posted by Cherry on 3/31/2014
If your line of work needs you to haul and move heavy stuff a lot but your bottomline dictates that you need to keep costs down, literally doing it all by yourself with the innovative Anderson Dolly might just do the trick.

When starting out as a small business owner, you can't afford to pay regularly for labor you only need occasionally. You need to cut costs where it doesn't hurt, and doing away with extra workers if you can keep up with the demands of your business yourself is one of the best ways to keep your books in the black. Instead of monthly wages to pay for work you only require a few times a month, channel that investment instead into efficient moving and hauling system like the Anderson Dolly.

Anderson Dolly uses simple but clever engineering that leverages the power of dolly, straps and casters to move things easily. By making any object move by itself, you only need to push it around to get it to your desired location. There is no lifting required, and for that, you spare yourself the muscle strain that usually comes from lifting heavy objects. Repetitive movements such as this will cause injury over time, making you less productive and cutting into your profit margin. Work safety should always be your priority, as your well-being is affected by it, and your business affected by your health.

Even with plenty of hands to help you move things around, the ease with which Anderson Dolly can be operated and used in combination with other traditional moving and hauling equipment facilitates smooth work environment. As your business grows, you would want your helpers devote the bulk of their energy and time in productive, and not in routine, tasks. Warehouses, for example, can benefit from including the Anderson Dolly in their arsenal of moving equipment so clerks conserve their physical energy for tasks that require focus and attention to detail (like conducting inventory).

Without needing to operate machinery nor sustaining injuries from inappropriate use of equipment or the occasional accident, warehouse personnel, and anybody else involved in moving thousand-pounders, are in a better position to do more things with more energy.
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