Benefits of the Anderson Dolly

Posted by Olivia on 2/28/2014

Whether you're moving to a new house, shipping cargo in between warehouses, or hauling new equipment to the office, using a dolly can help make transporting large objects a little easier. You wonít have to strain to pick up a couch and move it onto a truck or lug it up some stairs. However, as convenient as a dolly can be, it also has its limitations. Using the Anderson dolly can help you surpass those limitations and still get all the benefits of a dolly.

Here are a few of the benefits the Anderson dolly can provide:

Wonít Strain Your Back

Even though a regular dolly can help you to move larger objects more easily, it still requires you to balance the object while angling the dolly. Trying to balance the object while also pushing the dolly can strain your back. With the Anderson dolly, you can push the object horizontally while it stays level. You just push directly in front of you, which wonít put any strain on your back.

You Donít Need Two People

Trying to get a large object onto a dolly often takes two people to lift, push, and maneuver. What's more, you might even need two people to guide it while you are moving it on the dolly. With the Anderson dolly, you can get the object up on the dolly without having to lift it, and you can move it all by yourself. Just tuck the bottom of both dolly pieces under the object, strap it in, and crank it closed. Then push it with ease.

You Can Transport Faster

Because of the much simpler design of the Anderson dolly, customers find it valuable in speeding up their hauling work and thus being more productive and effectual. This is especially true for businesses that need to ship items from island to island or across long distances. Unlike the complex mechanisms of usual dollies, this one does not take a long time to figure out and operate. It's also lighter, more compact, and a lot less unwieldy. The result--- you get to finish faster.

You Can Move Larger Objects

Since you donít have to worry about lifting or balancing objects because of its simple and efficient design, the Anderson dolly allows you to move larger objects. You can move a safe, a refrigerator or even a vending machine all by yourself. You wonít have to worry about whether youíll be able to handle it, and you wonít have to worry about hurting yourself in the process.

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 Benefits of the Anderson Dolly

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