Anderson Dolly Flips Archimedes’ World on Its Head
Posted by Andrew on 5/27/2014

“If given a lever long enough, a fulcrum, and a place to stand, I could move the earth,” said Archimedes. Being a Greek mathematician that school kids today still learn about, Archimedes was one smart cat and one that understood the power of leverage. He knew that thanks to the magic of leverage the greatest of weights could be lifted with the slightest of pressure when that pressure is given at the far end of a long enough lever.

And, this was the state of things in the lever world until Anderson Dolly came along with its revolutionary moving tool 2300 years later. The Anderson Dolly does not need a fulcrum or long levers. Nor does it use hydraulic, mechanical, or electric jacks. No, the Anderson Dolly needs very little in the way of time or muscle.

It is so simple to use that a single person, regardless of the condition of his or her knees, back, and shoulders, can get something heavy, such as a gun safe, up and moving in 30 seconds or less. This radical dolly works by splitting the lifting load between a pair of dollies. To put it in place, all a user has to do is slide one dolly under one side of the heavy item and then the second dolly under the opposite side of the dolly. At this point, the dollies, not being secure, will lean inward against the item that is going to be moved.

Then, he or she simply extends the pair of ratchet straps from one dolly to the next and then ratchets them tight. This ratcheting action pulls the two dollies towards one another while concurrently raising the heavy item off the floor. Once the item is up and secure between the two dollies, it can be moved with by hand, by a single hand.

Being the Archimedes lever of the modern day, the Anderson Dolly is easy to use and strong. In fact, it is strong enough to give one person the power to move a 1600-pound item easily, quickly, safely, and without a fulcrum.

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